At Glasshouse Mini we focus on having fun! We don’t spend weeks learning lines, or practising for shows. This is BORING!

Instead, we use creative drama – this means the children take the lead! Everything we do comes from their imaginations – their ideas, their thoughts and feelings
This means that the children take ownership and are never bored! We’re just there to facilitate. So come on down, use your imaginations and have lots of fun!

You’ll secretly build confidence, raise your self-esteem and become better at speaking and listening – and you won’t even realise it’s happening! How good is that?
Our teachers are drama school graduates who already have lots of credits in theatre and television under their belts. They sing and dance too! Show offs  So whatever you’re into, we’ve got it covered! One of our teachers even has an album out, like an actual popstar!

We’ve even recorded some pop videos of our own. 
Check out our YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to find out more!

We’re not like other extra curricular drama clubs out there! We are not a stage school. We just want to have lots and lots of fun each week. And because the fun comes from your imagination – no two weeks are ever the same!

That said, we do have a Christmas Show and a Summer Show so we can show off to our families and friends. But again, it’s laid back, informal and fun! However, as you get older, if you feel drama and acting or singing and dancing is something you’d like to pursue, we know loads of people who can support you further. We’re here to steer you in the right direction and support you all the way

Amazing Amy, founder, started Glasshouse Mini because she was a very shy child herself! Now a professional actor for over 18 years, she wished there was something similar around when she was little! 

Parents have brought their children to us for confidence building, help with discipline, lack of concentration, help with listening skills – or jut a stepping stone to something else

Whatever your reason – we will cater for your needs

We provide drinks and snacks and are fully insured, DBS checked and First Aid Trained

Find us on Facebook ‘Glasshouse Mini’Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @glasshousemini 07983 420 058

First class is FREE!
What are you waiting for?
Every Saturday during term time 10.00 – 12.00