Messy Church’s September Adventures

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Messy Church’s September Adventures

This month we explored the story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples at the last supper.  Why would Jesus do that? Did he think we were more important than him? We supported children thinking about things they don’t like to do, to try and help them understand the importance of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples at the last supper, through craft and play activities.

Caroline led children making footprints after having their feet painted by her and then washed them for the children.  They then took their footprints home with a message saying they were washed at messy church.  They definitely enjoyed the activity, even if the painting part was a little tickly for some. 

Children also made puppets of the ‘servant king’; made get well cards; and roleplayed looking after animals in a zoo. They thought about things animals might need to stay healthy as their keepers looked after them.


Children got very sticky and messy putting their hands into jelly as an exercise in doing something ‘yucky’ to get a beautiful shell they wanted to keep to take home and look after.

This month was a shorter session than usual as Messy Church was followed by our Annual BBQ.  We were pleased that a number of our Messy Church friends stayed to enjoy this as well.

Written by Helen Priestman | Edited by Becky Vanden