April 2019 Newsletter

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April 2019 Newsletter


Welcome to our April 2019 newsletter where you can read about how much we raised at our afternoon tea. We also have a busy month ahead, so don’t miss out (look at our services section). You can also read about what Messy Church were creating in their March meetup. Plus more!

Daffodil Afternoon Tea Sells Out!


We couldn’t have predicted the great turn out we had at our afternoon tea in March. The weather was awful and the rain would not halt, we were not expecting many to leave the house. Instead we ended with not a single sandwich left by the end of the afternoon.

We raised a fantastic £240 for the church!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered and attended. Here’s to many more.

By Becky Garrattley

Discovering “Our World” with Messy Church

This month’s theme gave us opportunity to think about loving ‘Our World’.  We encouraged children to talk about what this actually means. How it includes each other, all other animals (large and small), plants, the environment, in fact the whole planet. Wow! We do cover some deep meaningful stuff through play and creativity, however children are always receptive to listen and learn.  As always there were various craft and practical activities to choose from for our families and plenty of mess.

Through the crafts, children made a giant ‘Creation Noticeboard’ by colouring in stencils of numerous plants and animals and placing them around a picture of the earth held in God’s hands. They talked and thought about all the organisations that care for wildlife around the world.    Furthermore children made bowl bugs and told us all the mini beasts they knew, made icing fruits in lots of lovely colours (good enough to eat), and made bird feeders to help the birds at this time of year when there may not be as much food for them naturally.   All these activities gave opportunity for children to reflect on ways they could help our world too. For our very young friends we set up a play table with toy wild animals to help them think about what animals need to survive. Though some of the monkeys and tigers did get involved in some anthropomorphic stories including going to the shops or school (a good imagination is so important to foster as children relate things to their own life experiences).  Children could then use playdough to make their own animals to look after. We took photos of their creations which they will pick up next time.  Brian helped children to finish decorating our banner which involved sewing on lots of different animals.  You will be able to appreciate the finished article hanging up as you come in through our church entrance.

Brian also led the celebration talking about our beautiful world, recognising it is not perfect with poverty, famine, war and pollution. Brian told us that it is still our role to love and help look after it, the best we can, as it is a gift from God.  He finished the session with a song related to this theme which gave the children lots to think about.  

All in all it was another great session with our Messy Church family. The afternoon goes far too quickly for us all, with some children not wanting to leave, and stay for more!

The next session is Saturday 6th April.  We would love to see you and can assure you that you will be made most welcome. Messy church is for all ages, so come along and join us 3 till 5pm.

By Helen Priestman

What is a Mum?

kitten and cat

A MUM is the one who believes in you more than anything.

The ONE who cares for you and about you all through your life.

She is the ONE person you can count on to help you out, back you up, and never let you down.

There really is no one else as KIND and generous, as patient and helpful, and as warm and understanding as a MUM.

By Ivana Spencer

Happiness and Goodness

  • The happiest people don’t have everything, they just make the best of everything they have.
  • Never regret being a good person to the wrong people.
  • Your behaviour says everything about you and their behaviour says enough about them.


  • 7th – Rev. Valerie Davies
  • 14th – Rev. Brian Acty (Communion)
  • Maunday Thursday – Rev. Brian Acty. 8pm at our sister church: Sale URC
  • Good Friday – Rev. Brian Acty. 6:30pm
  • Easter Sunday – Rev. Brian Acty: Breakfast at 8:30am then a service at our sister church Sale URC at 10:45am.

Flower List for April

  • 7th – Blank
  • 14th – Linda and Dave Harper
  • 21st – Blank
  • 28th – Blank

PTA (Pleasant Tuesday Afternoon) for April

  • 2nd- Tenerife with Karen and Chris Garrattley
  • 9th – Beetle Drive
  • 16th – Easter Service with Brian Acty
  • 23rd – TBC
  • 30th – Lunch @ Fiona Gardens.  We hope you will join us at 2pm.  You will be most welcome. Contact Kath Paxton to book:
    0161 973 4870

Meetings start at 2pm.

Edited by Becky Garrattley