February 2019 Newsletter

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February 2019 Newsletter

Find out how to sign up for our celebratory dinner; and how teamwork is everything at our Church. You can also see what Messy Church have been getting up to over the winter period.

Welcome to the February 2019 Newsletter.

“Teamwork is Everything” – The Cogs that keep our Church going

I was thinking a little while ago about my Church and what it means to me. I am always happy when I know I’m going to a Church service, or a Church event. On these occasions I know I’m going to meet my family and friends and feel contented, safe, and loved.


If it’s a service of worship, I know I’ll be able to sort out any worries or concerns. I will be able to think calmly and feel I am being listened to and helped to find the correct way of dealing with any problem. I can thank God for all my blessings. I can listen to the words of the Worship leader and feel I am getting closer to God. I can pray for my family, friends, and for all the world, and know I am listened to.

My conclusion is that I must not take these things for granted, I must treasure and take strength from all of this. I then move on to think how it is possible that I can be a part of this, and it occurs to me that it doesn’t just happen.  An awful lot of thought and effort goes into providing me with this wonderful facility.

Organist Alf and Rev. Valerie Davies

I first took the opportunity to look at the list of Church Officers. Starting with the Ministers in charge of our spiritual welfare.

The Elders: Helping the Ministers by making sure everything is running smoothly by being on duty, preparing the Church, and greeting worshippers. Checking members and adherents are always properly looked after.

The Church Secretary: Keeping records and liaising with the Minister, members, Synod etc.

The Church Treasurer: Dealing with all finances, counting money, paying bills etc.

The Worship Group & Pulpit Supply Secretary: Making sure there is always someone to lead the worship.

Choir Mistress Karen

Church organist: Sourcing music, liaising with the Choir Mistress, and playing at all the services.

Choir Mistress: Choosing items for the choir to sing, and leading and conducting the Choir.

Bible Reading Steward

Duty Elders Co-ordinator

Flower Stewards: Creating the beautiful display each week and distributing these to ill or deserving people.

Communion Steward: Organising the bread and wine and preparing the Communion table.

The Room Booking Secretary: Keeping the diary up-to-date.

Dave and Chris from The Property Team

The Social Secretary: Arranging: socials, quizzes, visiting choirs, and orchestras.  

The Co-ordinator for the SASH newsletter.

The Heating Steward and Property Team: Maintaining the building and checking the grounds are kept neat and tidy.

The Cleaning of the rooms and the Church.

The After-church refreshments team.

The organisers of: Messy Church, Bible Study, Pleasant Tuesday Afternoon, and CAMEO. And also The Music Group who provide entertainment with Pantomimes and concerts.

Pulling together information on all these activities onto the Church’s website is performed by the Website Co-ordinator which allows outsiders to learn of our activities.

If you are not mentioned above you are still a very valuable member of the Church. You offer a friendly face and a listening ear. We all make up this wonderful place of loving companionship.  What an amazing list. Everyone has a part to play. All these people quietly getting along with their jobs, the majority voluntarily. May God bless all, I say, and thank you God for continually motivating everyone.

By Pat Joyce

Joint Pastorate Dinner


You are all cordially invited to attend the Joint Pastorate Dinner.
This will be held at Sale Golf Club on Friday 22nd February at 7 for 7.30pm.
The cost will be £20 per person to include a 3 course meal, coffee + mints & the gratuity.
There will be a list of the choices available for each course on noticeboards in both churches.
Please indicate your preferences next to your name on the list.
Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the night.

By Pam Boyes

Messy Church’s Adventures this Winter

We’ve been very busy in our 2 sessions in the lead up to Christmas and early January. In December we had a thought-provoking afternoon exploring the theme of Jesus’ birth in the stable and a mother’s love. As always there were many exciting activities to choose from for our families and plenty of mess.

Children made Christmas decorations including fir cones,  cards, and colourful angels. They also had chance to play with baby dolls: washing, changing, and feeding them; to help think about all the hard work our parents do.

Brian led the celebration talking about how messy and smelly it must have been in the stable with all the animals and how there would be no Christmas celebrations without Jesus’ birth.  This gave the children a lot to think about.  We finished the afternoon with a lovely party.

January’s theme of ‘Gods Love’ gave chance to explore how much God loves us.  The activities helped the children to learn about different aspects of the parable of the ‘lost son’.  Through the crafts children made colourful painted hearts, collage farm animals and coin rubbings.  They also decorated biscuits with icing to make ‘pigs in a pen’.  Brian helped children to make a start on a banner which will take 3 sessions to finish.  To further help children to identify with the story they were encouraged to dip their hands into a bucket of jelly to fish out bits of food to think about how hungry you must be to eat pigswill, with opportunity to play with a toy farm to set the scene.

In the celebration children listened to the story and sang action songs and played musical instruments with gusto.

The next session is Saturday 2nd February.  We would love to see you and can assure you that you will be made most welcome. Messy church is for all ages, so come along and join us 3 till 5pm.

By Helen Priestman

Flower List for February

  • 3rd – Christine Witty
  • 10th – Gill Hunt
  • 17th – Andrew Seath
  • 24th – Vacant

Pulpit Supply for February

  • 3rd – Rev. Valerie Davies
  • 10th – Rev. Brian Acty
  • 17th – Rev. Valerie Davies
  • 24th – Rev. Brian Acty

PTA for February

  • 5th – Rev. Brian Acty + Bring and Buy
  • 12th – Alf Joyce – Pictures and Videos of New Zealand Rainforest
  • 19th – Quiz
  • 16th – Lunch @ Fiona Court – 12 for 12:30pm

Normal meetings start at 2pm.

Edited by Becky Garrattley