February Newsletter 2020

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February Newsletter 2020


Our Pantomime is time-travelling its way to you this Feb!

Our drama group ‘The Music Group’ are about to perform one of their original pantomimes and it’s sure to be an adventure!

Join the cast on a time-travelling trip as a group of 1920’s museum workers are propelled through time by an Ancient Egyptian tablet. From Ancient Egypt to 1970’s New York they try to stop the bad guy from changing history and try to find their way home. Every scene is like a panto in itself. The show has 2 Dames, a Mummy and even a dinosaur. There are nearly 90 characters played by around 30 cast! It is their most ambitious show yet.

Saturday Matinee has sold out so get your tickets for one of the other performances whilst you still can!

Get your tickets now by calling 0161 865 0293 or emailing music.group.sale@gmail.com

Written by Becky Vanden

Messy Church December and January Fun – A “Chocolate Nativity” and a “New Start”

We’ve been very busy in our last 2 sessions with the lead up to Christmas and early January. In December we had our first Messy Nativity welcoming our Sunday congregation to come and join us. This ‘pop-up’ Nativity with its frivolous title used chocolate bars to help us put the birth of Jesus into context in the world we live in today where many people are still refugees.  This gave the children a lot to think about.

Activities gave children chance to make Christmas cards and tree decorations including stars, bells and sheep; they also had chance to play with playdough to make pretend birthday cakes to think of Christmas as Jesus’s birthday. We spent most of the session preparing for our Nativity service which was then led by the children with the support of Caroline and Karen.   We finished the afternoon sharing food together so everyone could get to know each other.

In January’s session ‘A New Start’ we looked at the Old Testament story of Noah and the flood.  The crafts and activities helped the children to learn about different aspects of the story: from our duty to look after all the world’s animals; fresh starts; the symbolism of a rainbow as a sign of forgiveness; and God’s promise never to send a flood again.  They also decorated biscuits with icing.  

Valerie led the celebration where children listened to the story, sang songs, and played musical instruments with gusto. 

The next session ‘Love Rules’ is Saturday 1st February.  We would love to see you and can assure you that you will be made most welcome. Messy Church is for all ages, so come along and join us 3 till 5pm. It is FREE of charge.

Written by Helen Priestman

Flower List

  • 2nd Feb – Christine Witty
  • 9th Feb – No Service
  • 16th Feb – Ivana Spencer
  • 23rd Feb – Andrew Seath

Edited by Becky Vanden