June 2019 Newsletter

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June 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our June newsletter. Messy Church explored pets and peace in their May session. We also have a lovely prayer and poem to inspire you this June.

Messy Church had fun with Pets and Peace this month

This month our families explored the idea of a world where ‘All animals could live together in peace’ Isaiah 11:1-3; 6-9. 

It gave us the opportunity to think about what a wonderful world we live in and how much more wonderful God wants it to be – a place where everyone and everything can feel safe.  We thought about how we can care for our world and all the animals and plants in it.

Through the creative activities children had chance to make colourful pom-pom pets including birds, make an aquarium in a bag (lovely and messy), and make origami pets.

Families also went on a treasure hunt to find hidden photos of endangered animals to colour in and place on a large poster of Gods Mountain.  The younger children played with lots of different small world animals including giant dinosaurs, wild animals, farm animals and pets.  They had f un as they roleplayed different scenarios including dinosaurs making friends with lambs and lions giving pet dogs rides on their back – young children are so open to improbable ideas. We talked about the possibility of all animals living together in the future and helping each other.

We started the Celebration with Karen and Caroline leading the children in singing, including ‘God made the animals’ which really caught the children’s imaginations as they enthusiastically and noisily made all the animal sounds.  Brian gave his last children’s address for Messy Church.  We will all certainly miss his spiritual guidance and contributions, but wish him a long and happy retirement with his wife Sue

Next month our theme is ‘Healthy body, healthy Soul.  Messy church is for all ages, so come along and join us 3 till 5pm on Saturday 4th May. We would love to see you.

By Helen Priestman

A Special Prayer from the URC


Holy Spirit, Breath of God,

You were there at the beginning

– a partner bringing creation into being
You were there at the baptism of Jesus

– a partner on the way of the cross
You were there at Pentecost

– a partner moving the disciples into the streets and towns,

cities and nations to fulfil their commission to share in the Good News.

Today, you are here with us

– our partner on the journey of Jesus-shaped mission.

Breathe upon your churches in our partnerships

and with all whom we hold or seek a relationship in ministry.

Release us into being all you have created us to be.

Broaden our hearts and minds to deny selfish ways,

to take up our cross and embrace the way of Jesus.

Move us beyond the limitations, physical or otherwise, that we have set and speak through us your good news of poverty undone, lives renewed and sin forgiven.

In the name of Christ

What is Happiness?


Happiness is a choice, not a result.
Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.
No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy.
Your happiness will not come to you.
It can only come from you.

From the Buddhist Journal

Services for June

  • 2nd June – Rev. Valerie Davies
  • 9th June – Pam Boyes
  • 16th June – Karen Garrattley and Caroline Howarth songs of praise
  • 23rd June – Rev. Paul Brewerton
  • 30th June – Pat Joyce

Flower List

You can find below who will be providing the flowers for the service this June.

  • 2nd June – Barbara and John Leeming
  • 9th June – June Horsefield
  • 16th June – Blank
  • 23rd June – Myra Ranson
  • 30th June – Pat and Alf Joyce

Edited by Becky Garrattley