May 2019 Newsletter

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May 2019 Newsletter


Messy Church Explore “New Life” with their Easter theme

This month we explored the theme of ‘Easter’ and what it means to us as Christians; contrasting the sadness of Jesus making the greatest sacrifice of all to save us on Good Friday. Then we celebrated the joy of his resurrection on Easter Sunday to show us that through him there will be eternal life.

Through creative activities, children had chance to make colourful collage crosses; roll marbles in paint (lovely and messy) to make very bright pictures; make useful Easter baskets for egg hunting on Easter Sunday; and decorate eggs with felt tips. Children (and adults) could also make edible chocolate nests (yummy), some of which did survive to go home!

Children planted their own Easter gardens with lots of wild flowers to tend and care for at home as part of thinking and reflecting on new life.

We held our Easter egg hunt in the church this year, after remembering the competition from the squirrels last time. It went down really well with children dashing around helping each other to find and share the eggs fairly.  There was lots of fun and laughter as all the eggs were retrieved.

We started the celebration with Karen and her helpers leading the children generating their own unique song about Easter and what it means to them.  Eating lots of chocolate featured very high on their list!  Valerie then held the children’s imagination using a Cadburys Crème egg to help children understand the concept of ‘new life through Jesus’ and the purpose of Jesus’ death on the cross was ‘to save us’.

Next month our theme is ‘Pets and Peace’.  Messy church is for all ages, so come along and join us 3 till 5pm on Saturday 4th May. We would love to see you.

By Helen Priestman

The PTA followed journey’s around the world last month


At the PTA we have had some very interesting and enjoyable afternoons.  Alfred took us once again to New Zealand where we saw the Nihotupu Dam having passed through an impressive Rain Forest.  We also visited the now dormant volcanic Rangitoto Island which is now covered in rich verdant flora and fauna in the bay of Auckland. It all finished with a frolic with Alf & Pat, in their son Garry’s swimming pool.

We have played Bingo and Beetle and learned of Rev. Valerie’s trip to the east Yorkshire coast taking us to the James Herriot Museum, Beverly Cathedral; and her visit to Scarborough and Whitby.

Please come and join us at 2:00pm on a Tuesday afternoon when you will be most welcome.

Services for May

  • 5th May – (Different time of 2pm for that day) Rev. Brian Acty: Valedictory Service/Communion at Sale URC
  • 12th May – Chris Boyes: Soup and Pudding Served Afterwards to raise money for Christian Aid
  • 19th May – Rev. Valerie Davies
  • 26th May – Karen Garrattley

Flower List for May

  • 5th May – No service at our church (it’s at Sale URC)
  • 12th May – Christina Seath
  • 19th May – Helen Priestman
  • 26th May – Ivana Spencer

PTA (Pleasant Tuesday Afternoon) Group for May

  • 7th May – Alfred Joyce: Videos
  • 14th May – Memories
  • 21st May – Revd Valerie Davies
  • 28th May – Pat Joyce’s Birthday: Party games etc.

Other Events

  • 4th May – 3:00pm – Messy Church “Pets and Peace”
  • 7th May – 7:30pm – Elders’ Meeting
  • 8th May – 7:30pm – CAMEO (Come and Meet each other)
  • 18th May – 10:30am – PTA Coffee morning
  • 21st May – 8:00pm – CTiS (Churches Together in Sale) Committee Meeting (Sale URC)

Edited by Becky Garrattley